Mobile Food Safety: Best Practices and Regulations

Mobile food vendors have a legal and ethical duty to ensure the safety of the meals they serve. This guide covers food safety practices and regulations tailored for them, including safe food handling, proper storage, and the significance of health inspections. The goal is to equip vendors with the knowledge to maintain a safe and delicious mobile food operation.

Unforgettable Wine Tours: Napa Valley and Beyond

Welcome to Sal’s Eats Catering Company, where we believe that the art of fine dining is incomplete without the perfect pairing of exquisite wines. In our quest to provide unparalleled […]

Taste the California Vibe: Sal’s Eats Food Truck Catering Adventure

Sal’s Eats is a popular catering company in Southern California that caters to both large and small events. The company has five trucks, which are all equipped with commercial kitchens. This means that the food is prepared fresh on-site, ensuring optimal quality and taste for every meal. Sal’s Eats has catered events from small private parties to large festivals throughout the region including weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and more. The menu features a variety of Italian favorites such as sandwiches and pasta dishes. They also offer desserts like cannoli tubes or sfogliatelle pastries depending on what type of event you’re hosting!